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By Adam Curry. Posted Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 2:06 PM.

This That and the Other

1212 Special Producers: Zachary Geesaman, Ian Field, Ad Heestermans, Eric Bodenstab, Steven Pelsmaekers, Paul Barnhart

Executive Producers: JD, Sir Thomas Pullyard, Sir Melancon, Baron von Pelsmakers, Thies Arntzen, Black Dame Janice Kang,

Associate Executive Producers: Darcy Murray, Dmitry Fedoseyev, Poppa Guido, thomas wyler, Scott William, Sir Kent O'Rourke, Michael Elgan

469 Club Members: Thomas Pullyard, Dwayne Melancon, Steven Pelsmaekers

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Knighthoods: Zachary Geesaman, Ian Field, Ad Heestermans (12.12.12 Black Silent Knight), Paul Barnhart -> Jacob Scott Milligan, JD in SJ, Thies Arntzen, Poppa Guido, Lori Swim -> Husband, "Swimmer", Kelby Konig, Christopher Lusk

Art By: Sir Nussbaum

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